Newsletter Edition #2
February 2019

"I always caution people to not over strategize at the expense of just kicking something off right away and learning by doing"
Megan Anderson,



Innovate Canmore Launch!

Join us at ArtsPlace on Tuesday, March 19th 2019 from 5 to 7pm for our Launch celebration. No charge, and complimentary Food and Beverages will be served.

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Innovate Canmore Update;

* Investment into AI predicted to grow high-tech economy. Read

* “Foundations for Learning and Innovation” - we are pleased to announce our new tech education collaboration with the Canadian Rockies Public Schools and the Stoney Education Authority. Read our Partnership Vision and Mission statement here.



Co-Working Program

Our Spark360 Membership is available to tech students, freelance researchers and developers, and founders of early stage tech startup ventures. Program features include 24/7 secure access to our co-working space, high-speed Super Net, and great amenities and programs.

See our Spark360 brochure for more details.


CodePlay for Kids

New! Classes Coming Soon to Banff
A 6-week introduction to computer programming for kids aged 8 to 12 years. Presented by the Innovate Canmore/Canadian Rockies Public Schools Partnership this free program will be offered as a weekly evening course starting in March.

See our Programs and Events for dates and more details.

News Bites

* CBC: Alberta's high-tech sector to get $100M boost over 5 years. Read

* The Financial Post: Innovation Nation - Canada risks losing its AI edge. Read

* MIT Technology Review: AI reinventing the way we invent. Read

Startup Entrepreneur Company Builder:

“The Risk Takers” a podcast about Small Business:

Episode 2 - Fierce Competition
Entrepreneurs who risk everything to grow their businesses. Listen


New Website!

Visit to see all the latest developments and the people building our local technology ecosystem.